Management Organizational Complexity in the Background Multi - Projects
Charles Éric Manyombe, Sebastien H. Azondékon

To be effective in running multiple concurrent projects and achieving their strategic business objectives, project-oriented companies need to have adequate information about the challenges they face in managing them. The study conducted as part of this research work borrows a descriptive path and contributes to the improvement of the understanding of the different users of what is the multi-project management. These challenges include project selection; the allocation of resources; the prioritization of projects and the management of project teams. It is thus necessary to educate the project management community regarding the specifics of multi-project management and the organizational complexities while developing new tools which will permit organizations faced with the above identified challenges to adequately adapt in an increasingly complex environment. In addition to these comments, this study extends its contribution by presenting proposals for future research and resolution of the problem of project selection, project prioritization and the composition of a project portfolio.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v7n2a1