Drivers of Strategic Success in a Crisis Environment
João Conrado De Amorim Carvalho

The environment in which businesses operate is subject to turbulences and contingencies. These variations affect businesses’ performance and determine how they should be adjusted to overcome difficulties. This research sought for answers to explain why certain companies work in a turbulent environment and achieve good performance while others do not. As objectives, it sought to understand which drivers were chosen and used by companies that have overcome adversity, as these drivers are related and if it is possible to reduce to a smaller set of drivers without losing evaluate quality. A survey was conducted through questionnaires applied to a sample of 108 Brazilian companies. The answers were submitted to exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. The results indicated high explanatory power of the drivers without reducing the number of factors, although the structural modeling equations (SEM) indicated that the model of four drivers as the one that best suits the selected sample.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v4n4a2