Ethics and Entrepreneurship: A Supply Side Examination
Breena E. Coates, Ph.D; Mike Stull, Ph.D.

This research study examines the relationship entrepreneurs have with their supply chains from the triple bottom line (TBL)—i.e., an ethical perspective. The central question posed is: “Can entrepreneurs create sustainable supply chains and at the same time meet profit objectives? To answer this question the research methodology involved analyses of cases of entrepreneurial ventures that successfully incorporated TBL in supply chain ethics. From a body of 9 cases studied, 6 were chosen as illustrative for this paper. Lessons learned include that a latent fourth “F” in the existing 3 well-known “Fs” of Entrepreneurship3has emerged. The paper discusses fusion of principal and agent in the supply chain creates organizational success. An idiographic methodology examines the phenomena of ethics in supply chain management and organizational success from examination of 6 case studies of firms with global impact

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v4n3a2