LMX Leadership and Organizational Performance: A Study in an Oil Company in the UAE
Dr. Swapna Bhargavi, Mr. Ibrahim Shehhi

This empirical study was aimed at studying the association between leadership and organizational performance in a leading oil company in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The researchers chose to assess the relationship between leadership and performance using the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) theory. Performance factors considered for this research work included organizational communication, leader-member trust and the leaders’ supportiveness at work. A questionnaire related to leadership (LMX theory for this work) and organization performance elements was designed and mailed to 215 respondents using the survey monkey channel. The sampling method employed for this research work was convenience sampling. A response rate of 20% resulted in collection of 43 questionnaires of which 30 were complete in all respects. The degree of association was statistically tested. The research results establish the relationship between the implementation of LMX The findings of the study revealed that the relationship established following the implementation of LMX theories significantly influences performance. The results also show that trust and communication of organizational goals are significantly related.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v4n1a6