Leadership Styles and Organizational Performance
Dr. Swapna Bhargavi, Ali Yaseen

It is recognized that the managers play a significant role in the organizational performance, work improvements and employee satisfaction. The leadership styles have given the managers the ability to take the decisions, participate with others or ask their employees to handle the matters. United Arabic Emirates is looking to be one of the highest effective countries in the world. Therefore, they created different programs to encourage the government to build their leaders capabilities and enforce them to enhance the performance by monitoring and creating several excellence awards. The government work has very different challenges of the private business. With this goal, this research is discussing and analyzing the four types of leadership and what the link with organizational performance is through sampling 55 questionnaires were distributed to leaders in the government of policing sector. The questionnaire included the ability to measure the leaders’ perception of which the effective leadership style to enhance the leadership. The result of this research is represented in a suggested model to develop the leadership styles to enhance the organizational performance by the leaders. Leaders should lead themselves and work with organizational support.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v4n1a5