Investigating the Relationship between Internal Market Orientation and Employee Job Satisfaction in Malaysian Childcare Centre
Yaty Sulaiman, Abdul Rahim Othman, Selvan Perumal

The objective of this research is to explore the effect of internal market orientation on employee job satisfaction among Malaysian childcare centre. The research is important for Malaysian early childhood education, especially, in achieving the objectives of a developed country, therefore, the need to increase the awareness of early childhood centres is important and is considered as fundamental in the development and nurturing of young children to turn into valuable citizens. To examine the model of the study, 692 questionnaires were distributed. Out of that 360 responses were received from a population comprising the Malaysian childcare center. Employing SPSS approach, the hypotheses of the study were tested. The findings imply the need for childcare centres in order to enhance its sustainability, competitiveness and innovation following market trends.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v3n3a4