Obstacles to the Integration of SAP® Training in Academic Programs
Sam Khoury, Lisa Rich, Kouroush Jenab

In order to ensure academic programs of study prepare students for rewarding careers in industry, they need to expose students to the latest technologies and software tools they are likely to use. One of these software tools is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). A leading ERP solution used throughout industry is SAP® ERP. SAP® has partnered with universities through the SAP® University Alliance (SAP® UA) program by providing universities access to curricula and training free of charge, and options for affordable hosted software solutions. Implementing SAP® ERP within these programs of study has been met with some obstacles for faculty and universities. A study of SAP® UA faculty within the United States was conducted to identify these obstacles to SAP® ERP integration within academic programs and to identify possible solutions to these obstacles. This paper will present the results of this study.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v3n1a4