Innovation Creates the Future when it Exemplifies Clear Strategic Thinking over Reacting to Presenting Complaints
Robert W. Service, John K. McEwen

The world seems turned on its head – contradictory issues abound, simplicity is abandoned in favor of twisted words, and unintended consequences of strategic solutions are too often the rule rather than the exception. How can we identify the real issues, and then place them in a strategic framework that will improve chances for lasting solutions that will produce intended changes instead of more unplanned outcomes? How can we better assure the sustainability of our organizations and institutions in an increasingly volatile worldwide market? Identifying real issues, restructuring complaints into suggestions, and eliminating excuses for inaction are good starting points. When you do nothing, there is nothing to evaluate or adjust.In anything, the questions asked are as important as the answers found. When and how are we going to demystify excuses, clarify our thinking, be more innovative, and challenge the limits of what we are capable in order to solve the major global issues we continue to face? What are more concise strategy-making models, and how can we fit the development of corrective strategies into solid, easily understandable frameworks? Our answer? A continuous innovation strategy guided by clear thinking and the goal of a more desirable future.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v3n1a1