Smart Cities: Aspects to Consider for Building a Model from a City Government Point of View
Luis Castiella

This is a framework proposed to serve as an starting point to measure Smart Cities performance in accordance with their Smartness level. The academic development of this subject is still incipient and there is no sufficient data, information or validated knowledge to understand how the different variables of a SC operate. There is not a confirmed consensus on the definition of a Smart City (SC). Therefore, the model presented is a starting point for research, based on the study of the dimensions and KPI´s from field experience in many cities. Methodological aspects of the model will be analyzed in greater depth in subsequent works. At this stage, the authors have opted for developing a simple model so as to ensure it could be easily understood, managed and assimilated by the targeted audiences, that is to say, fundamentally those involved in city management.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/smq.v2n3-4a1