Impact of Cluster Activities Accelerate Human Capital and Firms Competitiveness: An Empirical Study of the Clusters in India (Kerala)
Nibedita Saha, Drahomíra Pavelková, Petr Sáha

This article emphasizes the significant role of human resource management in the representation of cluster activities, which are associated with the effectiveness and competitive aptitude of the firms. This includes mainly the analysis of possibilities that support the development of human resources and of gaining competitive advantages for companies involved in clusters and cluster activities. The survey was conducted in India (Kerala), with the aim to identify the differences in cluster activities in different entrepreneurial environment. The main goal was to detect which strategies in the human resource area lead to reaching the competitive advantage of a company, and to determine the task of human resource management in relation to competitive advantage of a company in current conditions. The data were collected by standard methods including questionnaire survey, structured interviews with cluster managers in India (Kerala), and analysis of available sources of information.The outcome of this study tries to elucidate the strategic activities in human resourcemanagement that influence the efficiency and competitive ability of a company. It has been observed that performance and competitiveness of a company can be reinforced by using the selected cluster activities, which enhance employees’ knowledge skills and abilitiesin order to achieve competitive advantage. This article suggests that the opinions provided in this research could serve as a methodological instruction for cluster networks or individual companies prominent to enrich their competitiveness and effectiveness.

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